Here's just a small sampling of the work I have published.

The Immigrant, Puntos De Fuga/Vanishing Points (Kalina Press)

This story appears exclusively in Puntos De Fuga/Vanishing Points, a bilingual collection of works by Salvadoran writers and creators. While the U.S. printing has not been officially launched, you can order a copy in North America directly from Miami by emailing Kalina


no One Remembered Your Name but I wrote It Down (Invisible Wings)

This collection of vignettes set in the afterlife make up a speculative memoir of my divorce and emigration from the United States.


Donkey kong in Trouble, The Rumpus

One of my earliest published works, this piece follows the life of abused teenager being kicked out of summer school after succumbing to the joyful misbehavior of her white neighbor and foil, Jessica.