Who is killing the women of Juarez? What happened to the leftist poet of Guatemala? What killed la Mummia Juanita? Follow my latest piece for Mitú to learn about the strangest unsolved mysteries in Latin America.

The Immigrant, Puntos De Fuga/Vanishing Points (Kalina Press)

This story appears exclusively in Puntos De Fuga/Vanishing Points, a bilingual collection of works by Salvadoran writers and creators. Buy a copy here.

no One Remembered Your Name but I wrote It Down (Impossible Wings)

This collection of vignettes set in the afterlife make up a speculative memoir of my divorce and emigration from the United States. Buy a copy here.

Love in the time of Kool-Aid: is taking to the streets obsolete? The Portland mercury

In an era where protests as we established them are being made illegal, and political unrest is threatened by tyranical despots, what do we imagine we will do next?

The Rumpus Interview with Sanda cisneros, The Rumpus

I sit down and talk ghosts, mangos, and politics with Sandra Cisneros, author of 1984 classic, The House on Mango Street

The burden of visibility for immigrant women, The establishment

Wanting to be seen or acknowledged might take a backseat to being safe for women living in a surveillance state.

QDoc Returns to Portland: This year's Must sees, PQ Monthly

QDoc – Portland’s Queer Documentary Film Festival – is gearing up to return to the Hollywood Theatre in a matter of weeks. The festival is the only one of its kind in the country devoted exclusively to LGBTQ documentaries, and this year it has announced eleven programs as part of its 10th-anniversary lineup.

Arrob@ Virtual Resident Blogger, Duke University's Program in Latino/A Studies in the Global South

From Fall 2014 to Fall 2016, LSGS published Arrob@, an online forum where each month an artist, scholar, activist, or public intellectual served as a Virtual Resident Blogger and provided insight on Latino/a-relevent topics. The invited contributors considered the life stories, the visual media, the events, and the contradictory moments that discursively make up and represent U.S. Latino and Latina populations. Affiliated bloggers became one of the field's most trusted and valuable sources in the critical curation, linking, and the debunking of the symbolic power of the social constructions organizing the meanings of Latino and Latina. I was honored to have the Arrob@ Virtual Resident Blogger and Poet for the month of February, 2016.

Mariela Castro's March: Cuba's LGBT Revolution, El Hispanic News

As Portland prepares for its 10th year of celebrating QDoc – Portland’s Queer Documentary Film Festival – one film is set to spotlight the intersecting lives of LGBTQ Cubans and how Fidel Castro’s niece, activist Mariela Castro, has changed the country and laid the foundation for acceptance and understanding on the island.

no, white women, I will not be voting for hillary, The establishment

White women go through dangerous lengths to punish and control women of color and how we vote – even when we are to the left of them.

Castoffs and leftovers: The mixed benefits of working for a white Family, Salon

Some say it's better to be in the belly of the beast than at its jaws.  

Donkey kong in Trouble, The Rumpus

One of my earliest published works, this piece follows the life of an abused teenager being kicked out of summer school after succumbing to the joyful misbehavior of her white neighbor and foil, Jessica. 


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Evicting the senate

The following videos were produced for HB2004, a 2017 Oregon bill to remove the statewide ban on rent control and end no-cause evictions. The video was used by Stable Homes for Oregon Families, a coalition of organizations spearheaded by the Community Alliance of Tenants.

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